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From Washington D.C. to the Baltimore metro area, NERDS offers a full range of customizable IT services, from purchasing and installation to maintenance and support. We’re here to help you understand the impact of technology on your business, and which products would be the best fit, for budget and productivity. We make IT invisible, shifting the discussion from what’s broken today, to the future of your business as it grows.

Small / Medium Business

As a small business owner, you want someone who takes the stress of IT management away so you can focus on your business. We go beyond preventing interruptions, and help you do more with existing resources and personnel. NERDS has been fortunate enough to see small business grow and change, and uses that experience to assess your present and future needs.


When it comes to IT, enterprise businesses have a different set of needs than small to medium-sized companies. Though your company has it’s own IT team, in-house staff are experts in the most important technologies to your company. Unless you’re a datacenter, IT infrastructure isn’t usually part of that – it supports the core technologies you use.

Providing Total IT Management

From purchasing, to configuration and maintenance. All of our services come at a constant, predictable cost. This removes the uncertainty and risk of on-site hardware, providing an executive-level contact to manage your needs and infrastructure.

This puts the concerns in the right place, and changes the business relationship. Instead of long term cost, unexpected charges, and inaccurate quotes, our clients can focus on what’s possible and get all the support for their business they need. NERDS focuses on doing it right the first time, since mistakes and later repair are a cost, not a source of income.

All Star Team Ready to Serve

Our crew is datacenter-class. Our staff comes from the same pool of talent that Amazon and Facebook pull from, and we make it available to your business. We don’t see why billion-dollar companies should be the only ones with access to high reliability and cutting edge technology. We see cloud services gouging businesses with high cost of growth, and hardware vendors inflating the cost of their solutions three to five times with little benefit. We know how those systems are built, and we don’t need to rely on reselling someone else’s product at a markup.

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