NERDS group provides free IT service for Warrior Canine Connection

Proudly Connecting Veterans and Canines through IT

The Nerds Group is proud to support Warrior Canine Connection in Boyds, Maryland. By providing free IT support the NERDS Group helped connect the IT infrastructure that allows veterans to be paired with service dogs. “WCC is great at training … Read More

The Cloud: Cloud Services and Cloud Hosting might be a terrible idea for your business in Silver Spring Maryland

The Cloud is (Frequently) Terrible

Full disclaimer: I say this as someone who does cloud hosting. I sell all of this. Cloud Services, virtual servers, everything in the Silver Spring Maryland Area for The NERDS Group. Despite the shrieking popularity and media coverage, The Cloud … Read More

2017 Year End Small to Medium-Business IT Outlook

NERDs is proud to announce our 2017 Year End Small to Medium Business IT Outlook available here for download.