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The NERDS Group is a woman-owned business, and has been operating for over 20 years since the company’s founding in 1995.


11911 Tech Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904


We’re a tight-knit group of system and network engineers. NERDS requires members of our team to have more than just experience; we look for individuals with drive and passion, self-starters excited to always learn more, who can demonstrate the ability to creatively solve problems. Our clients depend on us to protect and guide them and you can count on the fact that you’re going to work with someone who will put out the fire, regardless of where, how, or why it started.

We value close relationships with our clients and strive for a friendly, laid-back rapport. We’re the kind of people you’d have a beer with on a Friday. Our clients feel like we’re all working on the same team: we’re not just contractors coming in to get a job done.

We also know when we’re not a good fit. Not every customer is a good fit for the services we provide, and if that’s the case we’ll help find someone who is. We don’t ever want to waste your time or money. Even if we aren’t working together in the long term, we’ll still provide excellent service to help your immediate needs while getting you set with a company that provides the services you want.

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