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IT Services Supports Your in house IT with Network Specialists

Enterprise IT

When it comes to IT, enterprise businesses have a different set of needs than small to medium-sized companies. Though your company has its own IT team, in-house staff are experts in the most important technologies to your company. Unless you’re a datacenter, IT infrastructure isn’t usually part of that – it supports the core technologies you use.

We bring our experience with cloud and datacenter infrastructure – virtualization, networking, and storage – to provide a solid base for your team to work from efficiently. Multi-site disaster recovery, seamless cloud integration, network virtualization, and multi-petabyte storage systems are all things we don’t blink an eye at, but are major challenges facing enterprise businesses.

In-house IT staff don’t have time to focus on emerging datacenter technology; they have a business to support so the doors stay open and revenue continues to flow. Vendors offer alluring promises of fast and easy solutions, but at huge markup. We can help you navigate this environment, whether it’s for a single project, or an ongoing basis to remove that workload from your IT staff. We’re routinely brought in for things as small as being a client’s advisor in vendor meetings, to operating multi-million dollar core infrastructure so that the IT department can focus elsewhere.

We also understand different businesses have different risk models and tolerances; we can recommend solutions that fit the need, as well as the business strategy. This goes beyond simple choices on the spectrum of proven to bleeding edge technology; we recognize when a technology has matured to the point where it’s appropriate for your business. We’ve seen the effects of vendor acquisitions and mergers, and account for that based on prior history.

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