Taking the Stress of IT Management Away

So you can Focus on Your Business

Small / Medium Business

As a small business owner, you want someone who takes the stress of IT management away so you can focus on your business. We go beyond preventing interruptions, and help you do more with existing resources and personnel. NERDS has been fortunate enough to see small business grow and change, and uses that experience to assess your present and future needs.

We take on the operating risk. Purchasing the hardware and replacing it. Hardware failure and recovery? That’s on us. Configuration changes, licensing, support – all under a fixed operating budget.

In addition to technical support, we’re an excellent resource to help you understand how technology can impact your business for better or worse. We’re in the fortunate position where our clients usually call us for advice and ideas, not support.

We’re ready and able to support you from the beginning, through every stage of growth and new challenge you face.

Call The NERDS Group at 301-622-7995 to get start simplifying the IT needs of your business today.